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Top 5 Fancy Restaurants

Every now and then it is fun to set aside the typical diners, cafés, and bistros for something a little more special. After all, you are on vacation and deserve to truly to have it as special as can be. When this type of calling hits, there is no better choice than someplace that exudes elegance and sophistication and where the staff treat you the same as royalty. If you are looking for that special dinner that will forever remain as a cherished memory, then make sure you read on about our top five fancy restaurants for fine dining in Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains!

The Melting Pot

The first item on our list is actually a chain, if not a rather small one with only a handful of locations still left. However, some of those reading will remember them fondly for their casual fine dining feel and delicious fondue. Fondue, and in extension those whose dedication was the unique meal, has seen a downturn in popularity in the years since it first rose to national attention in the 1950s. However, it none-the-less remains the perfect way to spend an evening among friends as you sit back, talk, and share stories, and enjoy together this communal style meal.

At The Melting Pot you will be offered a four-course dinner, each course better then the last. You’ll start off with your choice of cheese fondue, of which there is a variety of styles to choose from. You’ll see your classic cheese fondue, as well as some more complex ones like Wisconsin Cheese, Spinach Artichoke, and Loaded Baked Potato Cheddar. After you finish the rich course, you will get to choose from a variety of salads ranging from your classic Caesar to Wisconsin Edge. Then comes your entrée, where you will get to choose between a variety of different meats including sirloin, shrimp, chicken, and salmon or even one that comes with all the best types of steak including: premium filet mignon, teriyaki-marinated sirloin, and garlic pepper sirloin! If you aren’t stuffed already with the rich flavors of various fondues, then you will be after you finish your final dessert course consisting of you selection of a variety of chocolate fondues ranging from Cookies ‘N Cream to Marshmallow Dream to Bananas Foster. So, if you are ready for a throw back to the past with one of the best meal choices for socializing, all in a fine dining establishment with all the perks that come with it then make sure you check out The Melting Pot.

The Barn

When it comes to your classic dignified and sophisticated fine dining experience, The Barn hits all the marks. Sitting within an old turn-of-the-century barn, one of the best fancy restaurants in Pigeon Forge screams of elegance, from the custom-made chairs to the sterling silver cutlery to the massive wine cellar consisting of over 9,000 different labels. However, while The Barn is your classically perfect fine dining restaurant, it wasn’t placed higher as those staying with the Blackberry Farm Hotel get first priority, thus a limited number of seats are available to the public. However, if you manage to grab one of these exclusive seats, you will be treated to an experience you won’t soon forget. Each of your excellent entrees will be taste of Appalachian ingredients with a touch of those that can be found in the local area and will have all the heart and the soul of the chef poured into them. However, due to the unique flavors of their culinary creations, you are quite likely to never again be able to try them anywhere else but here. You’ll find such meals as wood grilled cauliflower and sweet onions, grilled beets and country ham, smoked pork short rib, and North Carolina mountain trout. So, if you are looking to put on your most elegant clothes, sit back, and enjoy all the flavors and sophistication of The Barn!

Foothills Milling Co.

While there is a lot to be said about fine dining, one downfall can be the variety you have to choose from, with many hosting a set meal with predetermined courses that rarely can be deviated from. However, at Foothills Milling Co., you won’t have that problem, as they offer a wide selection of various meals and entrees for you to enjoy. You’ll find such meals as Goat Cheese Tart and Cedar Planed Salmon. However, you’ll also find some Southern favorites such as Fried Green Tomatoes and Pork Rinds with Pimento Cheese. You’ll also find a wide selection of different meats and seafood for your enjoyment such as Short Rib Stuffed Meatloaf, Tempura Lobster Tail, Maple Leaf Farms Duck, Steak Diane, Horseradish Crusted Grouper and more!

To top things off, whether you choose one of the meals listed above, or one of the many others from their menu, you are assured to get only the freshest ingredients from local farms. If you are traveling with any vegetarians, they will rest easily knowing there is an entire separate menu dedicated only to vegetable-based meals. If you do decide to stay, make sure you make a reservation, as they don’t take walk-ins, which also suggests the popularity of this delicious small-town eatery. If you are looking for the flair and elegance of fine dining in Pigeon Forge, but with all the variety of the typical eatery, then make sure you check out Foothills Milling Co.!

Gaucho Urbano

If you are looking for a good meal to share with friends but are looking for something new that few can say they’ve tried, then head over the Gaucho Urbano. This Brazilian steakhouse can lay claim to be the first of its kind in the area and hosts a variety of different meals, all of which include the complex flavors of Brazilian cooking but with a splash of modern flair. Each dish is prepared with the utmost care, and only with the freshest and most authentic of ingredients, and each meat is cooked and carved by trained passadores. As well, the setup for this fine eatery is quite unique and is sure to toss things up for any eager guest. Each guest gets a choice of four different experiences. You have the Gaucho Experience, which gives you a bit of everything with unlimited access to their harvest table, access to the chef’s hot table, and your choice of any of the 16 different cuts of meat. If this is a bit too much food for you, then you can always go with the Sample Experience, which gives you unlimited access to their harvest table, the chef’s hot table and access to 9 different types of meat. For those looking for just the basics in order to get a taste of Brazilian cooking, then you might go with the Harvest Table and Chef’s Hot Table, which comes with both of these, minus any skewered meats. In addition to the unique setup, and wide range of different choices of premium meats, you’ll also have your choice of refreshments from their wide selection of cocktails, wines, and beer.  So, if you are looking for a unique experience, and try some new flavors, then make sure you check out Gaucho Urbano!

The Peddler Steakhouse

We end our journey through the world of sophistication and fancy restaurants in Pigeon Forge with The Peddler Steakhouse. This fancy eatery serves only the best quality of food with naturally aged, never frozen steaks. Each of your meats will be prepared over Tennessee hickory chips, giving them a unique smokey flavor that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. You’ll find a variety of different appetizers ranging from Fried Dill Pickles or Fried Cheese Sticks to the classic Shrimp Cocktail. However, don’t fill up too quickly on starters, as you’ll have your choice of a variety of different entrees including Smokey Prime Rib, Juicy Blackened Chicken, and the strong flavors of Grilled Shrimp. If you are feeling particularly hungry, look into their various combo plates, such as those for Filet Mignon which come with your choice of Grilled Shrimp, Salmon, or Marinated/Blackened Chicken! If you still have room after your feast then make sure you check out their diverse dessert menu featuring Hot Blackberry Cobbler, Peanut Butter Mud Pie, Kahlua Crème Brule, and more! No matter what you choose to satisfy your rumbling stomach, you will be able to enjoy it in a comfortable and intimate setting, with a perfect view of the Little Pigeon River. So, if you are looking to enjoy some good steak or seafood, while enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery, enhanced with the carefully designed elegance of a warm and welcoming interior, then make sure you check out The Peddler Steakhouse!

Plan Your Fine Dining Journey to Gatlinburg

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