Many visitors who come to explore Gatlinburg and the surrounding area often want to stay in a rustic cabin. It feels perfectly in place to spend a few days in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature. Our selection of vacation cabins is second to none and can help you enjoy this experience for yourself! One of our most popular rental options is Bare Bear Cabin, a lovely Gatlinburg cabin rental that is nearby all of the exciting activities and attractions. Take a look at what this riveting property can offer you during your stay:

Secluded and Cozy Gatlinburg Cabin Rental

Bare Bear Cabin is located approximately 20 minutes outside of downtown Gatlinburg. This also places this popular rental in a secluded wooded area that is perfect for spending time in the great outdoors. Visitors will fall in love with Bare Bear Cabin the second they pull up. Its rustic cabin appearance makes it seem like it has been a part of the area for years. There is plenty of wooded terrain surrounding the property, so you can enjoy plenty of privacy. The cabin’s ideal location, just a few miles off “the spur,” allows you to enjoy privacy but still have access to popular attractions.

Bare Bear Cabin is a cozy Gatlinburg cabin rental that offers one bedroom and one bathroom, allowing the property to comfortably sleep two or three adults at a single time. Plan a romantic getaway in the woods or a peaceful getaway with some quiet. Either way, you will find that Bare Bear Cabin’s size is nothing but perfect for those staying in Gatlinburg.

Fine Interior and Amenities

When you enter Bare Bear Cabin, you will find yourself in a cozy living room area that will help you unwind each day. Since Bare Bear Cabin is a rustic cabin, you will find that the flooring and wall paneling is all made of natural wood. The living area features plush furniture placed perfectly in front of a gas fireplace. Hanging above the fireplace is a flat-screen TV that can play a variety of shows; due to Bare Bear Cabin’s remote location, the internet service may be spotty at times. Rustic décor adorns the walls, making Bare Bear Cabin give off a classic look and feel.

The open floor plan of Bare Bear Cabin brings an intimate feel to the home. The kitchen can be found adjacent to the living area. You will find full-size appliances, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove/oven combo, along with a microwave. The kitchen is equipped with essential cookware and a coffeemaker for your morning cup of joe. Check out the local grocer or market to find all the foodstuffs you need during your stay at Bare Bear Cabin. A natural wood dining room table with room for four is located between the living area and kitchen so you can sit down to enjoy your meal.

Bedroom and Bathroom

The rustic feel of Bare Bear Cabin continues on when you head back into the bedroom. Expect to find a plush mattress with soft linens waiting for you. Natural wood drawer space provides plenty of room for you to unpack your bags and finally relax. The home’s bathroom is located en suite within the bedroom for easy access. A heart-shaped tub is in the corner letting you relax as you rinse yourself off.

Outdoor Fun

Bare Bear Cabin offers plenty of great views from the balcony of the property. In front of the entryway, you will find plenty of patio furniture where we highly recommend you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Just around the corner on the balcony is the jetted hot tub that is always a guest favorite. Soak up the heat as you enjoy the cool crisp temperatures in the evening. This is the best way to experience true relaxation at Bare Bear Cabin.

Nearby Fun and Activities

Bare Bear Cabin is in a prime location just outside of Gatlinburg’s downtown district. A short 20-minute drive will take you to plenty of dining and shopping establishments. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is another 25 minutes away, offering beautiful hiking trails and plenty of outdoor activities. Enjoy exciting times such as kayaking down the streams or exploring the trails by mountain bike. Fly fishing is always an ideal activity, and local guides can help you reel up your own trophy-sized catch. You can also head over to Dolly Parton’s Stampede in Pigeon Forge for another exciting attraction. If you want to see Gatlinburg the way it was meant to be seen, make sure to book Bare Bear Cabin. Contact us today!