Traveling is an exciting experience. Often, we are headed off to adventures unknown in unfamiliar places. When we go on vacation, it’s usually the one time we can enjoy our vices and go do things that we may not during our average day-to-day life. For instance, how many of us have known that quiet person at work who we suddenly discover goes hang gliding, skydiving, rock climbing, or some other adrenaline-inducing activity that seems so out of character. For these reason, vacations and travel are important time for us, and it’s often a good idea to plan ahead and get an idea of what sights and activities one might desire to take part in during an escape. For those of you preparing to head to the Great Smoky Mountains, make sure you read our ultimate guide to Pigeon Forge winter and spring in the Smoky Mountains so that you can truly make the most out of your stay with us.

person skiing down hill

Fun in the Winter

During the winter, once the snow begins to fall and blanket the ground in a glittering blanket of cold powder, a number of unique and special activities open that many of us love. For instance, who doesn’t have fine memories of playing in the snow as a child before running inside with cold, rosy cheeks to sip upon a waiting hot cup of cocoa? Relive those childhood days by heading down to Ober Gatlinburg, where you can enjoy all the classic snow sports. Grab your skis and conquer the trail as you glide upon the snow with the wind in your hair. For those who aren’t as familiar with the art of the skis, fear not, for they also several tubing hills so you can enjoy the good old fun of sledding. After playing upon the snow, head for the ice and prepare to enjoy the classic hobby of ice skating. You can also enjoy everything from alpine slides to a maze, mini golf, ice bumper cars, and plenty in-between. You’ll find that Ober Gatlinburg has just about every activity one could desire and makes for a wonderful day in the snow.

If you visit during the Christmas season, you’ll find that the town transforms into a glittering town of lights and festivities. Head on over to the Incredible Christmas Place, where you can enjoy all manner of Christmas fun. Check out their decorated Christmas trees, all of which have been designed by professionals, ensuring the most delicate and wonderous of decorations. Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without plenty of twinkling lights, so feel free to explore and just take in the beautiful décor. Afterwards, hit the shops and explore the plethora of various holiday themed gifts; one can even nibble on a Christmas treat baked by the most skilled of hands or find a variety of personalized ornaments to give your tree that little extra something this year.

After you get done exploring the Christmas shops, make sure you get into the spirit of the season by heading to Pigeon Forge and taking a Tour of Lights. Pick up a map and tour the neighborhoods as you gaze in wonder at the various exhibits that have been created out of the glittering Christmas lights. In fact, it takes over five million lights for the drive and tour to be as wonderous and brilliant as it is. What makes this even better is that you are the driver, so you can go as slow or fast as you want. Also, what’s a more classic holiday activity then listening to Christmas music as you slowly drive around, admiring the hard work of the locals during your Pigeon Forge winter getaway?

creek in a forest

Enjoy the Beauty of Spring

Of course, while winter has the benefit of snow and all the sports that go with it, Pigeon Forge spring has the benefit of beauty when all the wildflowers are blooming, and the animals are coming out of their slumber. During this time is when one should head out and enjoy the fresh air and the smells of the forest riding upon a spring breeze. For instance, one can head to the famous Rainbow Falls, which features a 5.1-mile out-and-back trail with a majestic and roaring waterfall to greet you at the end of your journey. While traveling, enjoy snaking through the lush forests as you meander by Le Conte Creek. To make things even more special and magical, at certain times of the day the mist from the waterfall creates a rainbow, which adds to the fantasy-like feel of the area. Keep your eyes peeled, as many catch a glimpse of the natural tenants peeking out to say hello; you very well could see white tailed deer, groundhogs, turkey, racoons, skunks, and many other animals from the wilds.

After this, head on over to Alum Cave, which features a 10.9-mile out-and-back trail which can be fairly difficult. However, the views featured upon this trail make the trek worth it, as you’ll get the perfect photo opportunity under Arch Rock, a natural rock formation that forms an overhead arch. Furthermore, 2.3 miles in, you’ll be gifted views of Little Duck Hawk Ridge, The Eye of the Needle, and Myrtle Point on Mt. Le Conte.

If you feel the desire to behold more waterfalls, head on over to the popular Laurel Falls Trail. This 2.4-mile out-and-back trail not only presents breathtaking views but is also perfect for all skill levels and ages. At the end of your journey, you’ll be greeted with the 80-foot-tall falls as they tumble from high above, crashing upon the earth below. This trail is paved, making it perfect for anyone who might find hiking difficult. Finally, if you come in May, the evergreen shrubs begin to bloom, adding to the overall beauty of this wonderous hike.

person chopping wood

Enjoy Some Activities

While hiking is great and skiing can be a special kind of thrill, don’t spend all your time exploring, as you’ll find a wide range of other activities that can be enjoyed all times of the year. For instance, if you’re looking for some competition, head on over to Crave Golf Club, which was ranked number one in the entire country! This award-winning course features two 19-hole mini golf courses, one on the ground and one above upon the roof. Once you get done competing with one another, make sure you check out the other things that have made it a special place for all those seeking some family fun. For instance, if you’re looking to test the mind, see if you can tackle their escape rooms or even try out some mini bowling to settle any still lingering mini golf disputes. Afterwards, head on over to their ice cream parlor or browse their candy store to really get your sweet tooth going.

After this, head on over to the Lumberjack Feud and see actual lumberjacks compete as they show off their skill. For 1.5 hours, watch as they chop and climb trees, as well as take on the famous rolling logs. After this, treat your little ones to a special adventure at their adventure park. They’ll enjoy spending two hours tackling a variety of activities, such as taking on their zipline roller coaster or their themed rope course. As well, your little ones can take part in logger sports much as you saw the professionals do not so long ago. Finally, they will enjoy both a timber tower as well as two 80-foot freefall jumps. As you watch your children explore the adventure park, you just might find yourself jealous and wishing you were a kid again just so you could join in.

Next, head on over to Arcadia, where you can enjoy the region’s largest family entertainment center, stretching a whopping 30,000 square feet. Enjoy the days of the arcade as you lose yourself in over 100 popular arcade games, retro classics, immersive simulation, and all other manner of video entertainment. Afterwards, make sure you take your tickets up front to see what prizes you can get; they even offer adult prizes! After you finish reliving the golden years of the arcade, grab a bite to eat at their pizzeria.

people in restaurant

Enjoy Good Food

After you finish enjoying some urban entertainment, you’ll most likely have built up quite the appetite. If you find yourself hungry during the morning hours of your Pigeon Forge spring trip, start your day off right by heading over to the Log Cabin Pancake House—though even if it’s evening you can still enjoy all your breakfast favorites, as they do serve it all day long! Enjoy a variety of fluffy pancakes ranging from the classic buttermilk to the sweet flavors of butterscotch chips. If that’s not quite what you’re craving, maybe you’d like to try one of their crepes, which come in a range of different flavors from blueberry to cherry to even orange-pineapple supreme! However, if you’re looking for something more in the savory category, enjoy a number of different omelets ranging from bacon and cheese to chopped ham to even veggie for the vegetarians out there. If you’re looking for lunch, check out their selection of burgers and sandwiches, which features such dishes as the patty melt, the classic BLT and club, as well as baked ham.

If you are looking for something truly unique, head over to Guacho Urbano, a traditional Brazilian steakhouse. All their meals are not only traditional but also made with only the freshest and most authentic of ingredients. Enjoy cooked meats carved by trained passadores as well as a selection of wines and cocktails to add that extra something to your meal. You’ll pick between several different options, such as the Gaucho Experience, which comes with unlimited access to the harvest table, the chef’s hot table, and access to all 16 different cuts of meat. However, if you’re looking for something a bit less, you can go for the Sample Experience, which comes with unlimited access to the harvest table and chef’s hot table, but you only get access to nine cuts of meat.

beer poured into glass

Grab a Brew

No matter if you come to visit during the winter or the spring, it’s always a fun time to check out the various brews created by the area’s best. For instance, you might like to check out Smoky Mountain Brewery, the oldest craft brewery in eastern Tennessee. They feature such brews as the Appalachian Pale Ale, the Cherokee Red Ale, or the Black Bear (an English-style brown ale). Not only do they offer a range of brews that are always rotating, but they also often host entertainment and events ranging from live music to the classic karaoke to team trivia where you can show off your knowledge. Make sure you compliment your brew by grabbing a plate of classic comfort food to go with it. You’ll find all the classics here, from Philly cheesesteak to nachos, meatball sandwiches, hand tossed pizzas, and calzones.

If you’re still looking to enjoy the crafts of the area, head on over to the Tri-Hop Brewery, which is a bit further away and on the smaller side of things. They create stellar brews which are all brewed locally and onsite, though occasionally they might bring in a guest tap to spice things up. You’ll see such brews as the Tri-P.A, the Tailgate Cider, or the BA Black & White (a stout). Make sure you check out their calendar, as you’ll find they often do interesting events such as beer and yoga, or at times they also have bingo nights where you can not only enjoy a good brew but try your luck in the popular game of chance.

As you can see, there is a plethora of things to do and see when you come and visit us during the winter or spring. This is just a small sample of all there is to do and see. You’ll find that our lovely mountain destination has enough trails, sights, and activities to keep you entertained for months on end. So, if you find yourself curious about what other activities there are or would like some help in planning the perfect vacation, make sure to give Kaizen Rentals a call at 865-224-7177!