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about kaizen rentals

Kaizen Rentals is more than just a company, we are a family and we treat our teammates, owners and guests how we want to be treated. The golden rule is a simple and timeless idea but its one of our core values and something we try to live each and every day. Meet our family below.

Integrity and Accountability are two pillars of our business.

We strive to be a company that doesn't just talk the talk but indeed walks the walk. Built by Vacation Rental owners for Vacation Rental owners; Kaizen Rentals will treat your home like our own and you like family...That means honesty and transparency every step of the way.

Kaizen...more than just a name

Kaizen is a philosophy that we try to implement throughout our business and personal lives. In short it means consistent and constant improvement. We are proud of who we are as a company and individuals now but we also strive to improve constantly. From business to revenue and all the way down to how we treat owners, guests and contractors we strive for constant improvement no matter what. As Seen on Find Rentals


Meet the team


jeremy taylor


My name is Jeremy Taylor and I have been married for 11 years with a daughter who is 6. I am a family man first and a business owner second. We love traveling and investing in Vacation rentals personally and that's why we started Kaizen Rentals. I am also an active cyclist and ironman triathlete and I love just about anything outdoors.


Craig Poland

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Poland is the Operations Manager for Kaizen Rentals. In this role, he carries out and implements procedures to ensure successful operations of all short-term rental properties. Prior to joining Kaizen, Mr. Poland worked in various hotel management roles at MCR Development and Newport Hospitality Group focusing primarily on Hilton and Marriott properties for over a decade. Mr. Poland received his Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management at Western Kentucky University.


Michele White

Operations Manager

Michele White is the Operations Manager for Kaizen Rentals. In this role she oversees housekeeping and maintenance to ensure that cabin rentals are at the highest standard of cleanliness prior to the arrival of guests. She performs all property inspections and communicates with our maintenance team along with inventory of items and supplies that are needed. She also works closely with others in the operations and sales department to ensure a successful outcome. Prior to joining Kaizen, Michele has worked in Property Management for over 13 years, managing properties consisting of up to 480 apartment homes. Her various roles consisted of providing direction and training for leasing operations and conducting all property inspections.


Joy Mateo

Executive Assistant/Customer Service Supervisor

My name is Joy Mateo and I am 25 years old. I am an experienced Customer Service Representative and Real Estate Appointment Setter. I joined Kaizen Rentals in June, 2020 as the Guest Messaging Representative and assistant. I'm a family person so I love spending my free time with my daughter and my family watching a movie or making food for them rather than going outside. What I love about my job is that I get to have an extended family with the rest of the team. I enjoy helping out guests resolving any issues that they encountered or may encounter during their stay while making the guests feel at home and ensuring that they enjoy their stay as much as possible. I enjoy working with my colleagues because they are motivated, hard working and willing to go an extra mile for the betterment of Kaizen Rentals. I am thankful for Jeremy and the rest of the team for being able to help me improve personally and professionally and have learned a lot over time. “A job isn’t a job, it’s who you are”


Faith Gemar

Customer Service Specialist

I am Ellaine Faith Gemar and I would love to be called Faith by the people whom I consider to be very close in my heart. I was born on Dec 21, 1997 and has been living a colorful life. I graduated in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in Education.However, life is indeed full of surprises that it did open various opportunities for me to explore the other side of the world when I became a Customer Support Representative for Microsoft.

It was indeed very fulfilling to help customers discover the best potential of what they already own, but when the pandemic hit in 2020, I had to prioritize my health and safety which also paved the way for me to land various personal assistant posts for CEOS based in the US. It was difficult handling people with different personalities, but when you love what you do, the world will reward you.

At present, I am very much privileged to be working with Kaizen who provides unending opportunities for me to flourish into the best version that I can be. I am looking for many more years to come, serving the company the best service they do deserve.


Jessa Bentic

Customer Service Specialist

My name is Jessa Marie Bentic, and I am 34 years of age. I have been a customer associate for almost eight years. I joined Kaizen Rentals last April 2022 as guest messaging/customer service. I am a mother of 2 lovely girls who inspire and give me the strength to live the life to most entire each day. I love being part of Kaizen Rentals because I feel like I am a family to them. I take every day of communicating with guests with all their concerns and queries as learning. I love doing it; I always think of putting myself in their shoes, especially when they are satisfied and enjoying their vacation. I am thankful for all of my colleagues because they are motivated, approachable, understanding, and supportive, and we guide each other to provide excellent guests/customer service satisfaction. At Kaizen Rentals, every day is an experience to love and treasure. I have a beautiful daughter named, Clover. She is my lucky charm. Everything I strive for every day is for her. My husband is a frontline hero, working as a nurse. We love doing stuff together as a family. We love traveling and spending weekends anywhere our feet lead us to. I am a fan of staycations. That's why I treat my guests just how I would want a host would treat us as guests. I feel fulfilled every time I see happy faces, hear guests enjoying and satisfied during their stay. Here in Kaizen, we're family. We're not perfect. We would have mishaps, misunderstandings, mistakes. But, at the end of the day, we learn from it. We move forward together. We believe in each other. We are each other's strengths as a team. We are KAIZEN!

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