Huck Finn’s Catfish

If the name of this local favorite brings images of lazy hours spent sitting barefoot on the banks of a pond, trying to sit still enough to catch a rare breeze on a hot and muggy summer day, we’d say you are definitely picturing it right, and Huck Finn’s Catfish is destined to become your newest happy place! Open every day from 11:30 until 8 PM, this Southern delight is all about our favorite Southern delicacy, the common catfish. Moderately priced and completely casual, you may want to wear your comfy pants when visiting Huck’s place!

Located at 3330 Parkway in Pigeon Forge

From the outside, Huck Finn’s catfish restaurant in Pigeon Forge resembles every other seafood place with its gray siding and shiny tin roof, but that’s ok. One bite of the treasures found within will convince you that this is no ordinary seafood shack! The casual décor of simple tables topped with plastic red, white, and blue checked tablecloths invite you to stay a little longer than you planned, while the friendly and efficient service makes you feel like a welcomed guest—which of course you are! Book a stay in one of our vacation rentals and enjoy this amazing catfish restaurant in Pigeon Forge during your vacation!

The Huck Finn’s Catfish Menu

If sushi and poke bowls are your typical seafood choices, you’re in for a big surprise, as Huck Finn’s menu doesn’t offer raw. As a matter of fact, nearly every dish they offer is breaded and deep-fried, ensuring you get an authentic taste of the deep South with every bite! Offering a selection of all-you-can-eat dinners that include grain-fed, pond-raised catfish, Down-Home Southern Fried Chicken, and, for the exceptionally hungry, Huck’s Favorite Catfish & Chicken Combo, this is not the place for the weak of heart or light of stomach! The Ol’ Miss Catfish dinner appeals to everyone, offering a Mark Twain Combo that includes two catfish fillets and two pieces of golden fried chicken, while the beef eaters in your family will simply devour the Country Fried Steak dish topped with country gravy and served with the same bottomless vittles that are offered with every other dish on the menu. Baked white beans & turkey ham, Dill Pickles & Sweet Onion Slices, and Huck’s Made from scratch hushpuppies are just a few of the “vittles” they mention and all taste like Aunt Bea from Mayberry made them herself! Whatever you order, however, be sure to save room for a bowl of Mo’s Nana Pudding or Memaw’s Dessert of the Day or even Aunt Polly’s Homemade Cobbler!

How’s the Journey So Far?

Your journey through the world of Southern food keeps getting better the longer you are here, and it helps that you have a comfortable place to kick off your shoes, slip into your comfy pants, and relax with family after every one of these meals. Reserve your Kaizen Rentals vacation escape today!

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