At Kaizen Rentals, we’re a team of professionals proud to do things differently. Homeowners who partner with us to elevate their property to the next level of rental success know from day one that we have their back. Our passion for quality property management is only rivaled by our desire to make sure that every guest that steps through the door of a home we manage enjoys an exceptional stay. Personalized care is a foundation we’re built on and we always look to develop meaningful relationships with the homeowners we partner with who entrust us with their significant investments.

When it comes to great property management, we don’t view the process as individual details. Instead, it’s a comprehensive experience that accounts for all of those moments that matter leading up to a great stay! That’s why we’re happy to handle everything for the homeowners we work with. This includes initial property evaluations, integrated marketing strategies, and the customer service efforts that allow guests to know they’re a priority at all times.

While guest expectations may vary and properties may require changes to be more appealing to a wider audience, the consistent variables that are always a primary focus at Kaizen Rentals are maintenance and cleaning standards. For us, it’s absolutely essential to make sure every property we manage is meticulously maintained and cleaned to superior levels at all times. This is a significant benefit to homeowners who care about their investment, but just as important in helping guests feel safe, secured, and valued when they pick our properties to enjoy a great getaway.

Maintenance Services

An unwavering commitment to quality leads the way to our success at Kaizen Rentals. The maintenance services we provide for the homeowners we work with are no exception to that rule. While we have an established plan in place for making regular maintenance a must at all of our properties, we also understand that life happens. Whether maintenance is needed during a guest stay or outside of regular inspection times, we can handle that as well.

At Kaizen Rentals, we’re proud to partner with a trusted and thoroughly vetted third-party maintenance provider who is ready and waiting to answer the call and keep our properties in top condition at all times. While this local relationship is a testament to our community integration, it’s also a surefire way to keep the properties we manage standing out from the crowd in terms of quality standards.

Each property on our lineup enjoys a regularly scheduled quarterly maintenance inspection. Homeowners are always made aware of this maintenance schedule and in this way, can anticipate receiving a full report on findings and potential adjustments needed.  A quarterly inspection is a thorough and detailed look at the entire home including the exterior. Maintenance technicians look for issues that require immediate attention but also point out areas that could be problematic down the line. This allows our team and the homeowners we partner with to stay ahead of the maintenance curve and avoid unpleasant surprises too. Upon request, these maintenance evaluations can be available to guests with any concerns regarding safety or maintenance specifics.

In addition to those quarterly inspections, our maintenance team is also available 24/7 to handle any maintenance emergencies or issues that could arise. These are handled promptly whether a guest is occupying the property or not. At Kaizen Rentals, great maintenance standards aren’t a luxury, they’re built into the character of our company!

Cleaning Services

Bringing guests back to a property time and again rests heavily with our ability to provide them with a fun and inviting experience. That said, a safe and healthy stay is always a top priority and at Kaizen Rentals, we believe it begins and ends with cleaning standards.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to the health and safety of our properties and guests. To that end, we partner with a local third-party cleaning company to ensure that every property we manage enjoys consistent and elevated cleaning standards at all times. Our cleaning team is charged with maximizing the use of highly effective disinfectants throughout the home and closely follows CDC guidelines in an ever-changing environment of rules and regulations related to health. Every single dish a home hosts is washed thoroughly after every stay, even if it’s already been washed by a guest. Additionally, a 24-hour time gap is enforced between all bookings to allow for meticulous cleaning and time between occupancy.

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