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Top 5 Late Night Hangout Spots

The nighttime is a glorious thing, when the creatures of the day rest their weary heads, and it seems like the world itself has closed its eyes and gone to bed. Usually at this point is when the beings of the night come out to play. This is also when the lights go on, the taps start flowing, conversations begin, and the music starts to ring out. For those of you who crave these late-night wonders, or perhaps those who are just good old fashioned night owls, you will want to make sure you check out some of the Pigeon Forge nightlife in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding area. So, sit back, get comfortable, and join us on our journey through the top five late-night hangout spots!

Bec’s Grill and Bar

We start our journey off with a good old-fashioned bar and grill, the likes of which have been a favorite of the night out for many a year now. Those who enjoy good food and good drinks need not look farther then Bec’s Grill and Bar! This eatery offers both lunch and dinner for you to enjoy while you have a good drink and relax. You’ll find a rather limited menu; however, this allows them to truly focus all their energy into just a small number of foods rather than stretching it thin over a large menu. You’ll find four main entrees to devour as you chat and make new friends. You’ll find a juicy cheeseburger, a perfectly prepared Reuben, hot dripping prime rib sandwiches, and the classic hot wings. When your ready to sit down and eat, you’ll have your choice between the friendly welcoming inside where you are sure to strike up conversation and make a new friend or two or relax in their outside dining area where you can enjoy the smell of pine and view of the mountains as you relax and enjoy your feast. However, don’t eat to much as it’s whispered, they have a rather scrumptious grilled honeybun with ice-cream. So, if you are looking for a place to hang out, make some friends, and have an all-around wonderful evening then make sure you check out Bec’s Grill and Bar.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

When many of us think of late-night hangouts, we may imagine bars or nightclubs, of which very few are a good fit for the entire family to enjoy. However, just because the sun as sunk below the horizon doesn’t mean even the little ones can’t join in the fun nightlife in Pigeon Forge, TN. If you’re looking for an evening activity for the entire family, make sure you check out Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, which is one of the few haunted houses open 365 days a year. Lying in a renovated mansion, this 10,000-square-foot haunted house is sure to have you shrieking, gasping, and your heart pumping as monsters and zombies lurk in the corners of this haunted home. This makes it perfect for a late-night thrill that will have even the bravest cowering by the end (keep in mind though that you must be at least 6 to partake in this adventure).

After braving the haunted house, make sure you stay though for their famous Odditorium featuring many interactive exhibits focusing on the odd and strange. The fun doesn’t stop there, as Ripley’s offers many other activities for you and your group to enjoy this evening, from 5D movies to a confusing, yet thrilling mirror maze to mini golf to a large educational aquarium for you to explore the fishy beings that haunt the deepest parts of the ocean. All this will end with a bit of nostalgia for the adults in their Super Fun Zone where you will step back in time to the 80s, complete with laser tag and an old school arcade shooting gallery. So, if you are looking to hangout out with the entire family, both young and old, and have an evening of excitement and fun rarely seen at these odd hours, then make sure you stop by the Ripley’s Haunted Adventure today!

Local Goat

This New American restaurant is the perfect place if you are looking to hang out for a late dinner, as you and your guests sit back, talk, share stories, and all-around create a warm memory to look back upon. At the Local Goat, you will enjoy the freshest of ingredients, all of which are locally sourced and sustainable. Not only this, but they have a rather large selection of craft beer and drinks for you to enjoy as you dig into your meal. You’ll find such favorites as Fried Green Tomatoes, Steak Nachos, BBQ Nachos, Jumbo Chicken Wings, salads ranging from southern to strawberry, Fish ‘n Chips and more! Enjoy these classic favorites and new twists in their dining room decorated with stunning artwork made by local artists and craftsman. To top it all off, the Local Goat is also kid friendly, ensuring that the entire family can relax and feast behind it’s welcoming and warm walls. If any vegetarians find themselves dining with you, they can relax knowing there are a handful of vegetarian options, and if none are to your liking, the chef is fully willing to make something at a special request, should business allow. So, if you are looking to relax and hang out with the entire family while enjoying mouthwatering food, then make sure you stop by the Local Goat for a Pigeon Forge nightlife experience!

Ole Smoky Barrelhouse

What better way is there to spend an evening than surrounded by some of the best spirits and drinks around as you chat with a new friend or dance with a loved one? Ole Smoky Barrelhouse is more than just a bar; it truly is a hangout spots for you to forget your worries until the sun rises once more! Not to mention, you’ll often find live music going on, allowing you to have a good drink before dancing your troubles away. While this in itself is reason to stop by if not but for curiosity alone, one is sure to come rushing to their doors when you learn their distillery offers free samples of many of their drinks. Here you won’t find your typical beers and wines though; you’ll find a selection of rather stronger spirits. You’ll find a variety of moonshines available ranging from 35 to 100 proof, as well as a variety of unique flavors such as apple pie, banana pudding, sour apple, cherry and many more.

If moonshine isn’t quite your calling, then maybe you’ll enjoy their wide selection whiskeys, some of which reach the same strength as the moonshine. You’ll find a wide variety of their whiskies as well, most of which come with a unique range of flavors from cookies and cream to peanut butter, cinnamon, root beer, and just about everything in between! So, if you are looking to try some unique and well-made liqueurs while you tap your foot to the rhythm of a band playing, then make sure you stop by Ole Smoky Barrelhouse today!

Tennessee Cider Company

Ciders are a special beverage that borders the realm of a sweet treat and a good hard drink. Well, nobody understands this better than the Tennessee Cider Company, who have made it their life mission to create some of the best ciders you will ever be lucky enough to taste. To makes matters better, they are more then happy to let you try some free samples; after all, who doesn’t enjoy free drinks! You’ll also find that their selection of fine ciders rotates throughout the year with the changing seasons, ensuring there is always something new to sample at the Cider Company. You’ll see such ciders as Peach, Blueberry, and Pineapple; however, you’ll also find a range of slushy mixes and even Blackberry Dessert Wine!

While their cider is sure to have you leaving with several personal bottles of your own, their staff is well known for their welcoming and friendly nature which cause many to go in out of curiosity only to leave laden with goods their bank accounts a bit less heavy. If you are looking to stay and relax for a while, feel free as they have a very expansive list of different beers and drinks for you to sip upon as you chat with your guests and enjoy the ability to breath in fresh mountain air as you sip upon a one-of-a-kind drink. So, if you’re looking to try some world class cider, enjoy an evening of relaxation and spend some time with the ones you came here with, then make sure you check out the Tennessee Cider Company today!

Enjoy Your Nights in the Smoky Mountains

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