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Simple. Guarantees.

​Guaranteed Rent On-Time

You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive on time automatic monthly rental payments.

Professional Clients

We market to traveling business professionals seeking a well-kept home.

Meticulously Maintained

We decorate and maintain our listings with on-call professional cleaners and maintenance staff.

5-Star Experiences

We make sure that everyone’s experience with any of our leased properties is top notch.

  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Superb Management
  • Ultimate Perfection
  • Corporate Clients
  • Guaranteed Rent Payments

KAIZEN Rentals

Daily/Weekly Professional Cleanings?

Pet Free?​


Little to No Use of Appliances?

Less Water Usage?

Lower Wear & Tear?

Minor Maintenance Covered?

Guaranteed Monthly Rental Payments?

Fully Insured For Damage and Liability?

Daily/Weekly Professional Cleanings?
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