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When you plan a destination vacation, you do not want to be holed up inside somewhere, wondering what it looks like outdoors. Instead, get out and explore the area around you! This holds true when you travel to Gatlinburg, whether it’s for the first or 100th time. Gatlinburg offers up a variety of outdoor attractions that provide a thrilling experience so you can enjoy the weather and views. Take a look at the top outdoor attractions in Gatlinburg:


For incredible outdoor fun there is nothing better than a visit to Anakeesta. This outdoor theme park is the perfect spot to easily spend the day having fun outdoors. Anakeesta is all about having your own adventure, as it includes exciting activities such as gondola rides, zip lining courses, a giant treetop play area, a garden walk, an observation tower, and so much more. This is the largest outdoor attraction in the Smoky Mountains and does not disappoint when you visit. Make sure to visit Anakeesta during each return trip to Gatlinburg, as they are always adding new additions to the park such as their outdoor coasters.

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Speaking of coasters, you will have an absolute blast when you visit Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster during your next visit. This outdoor roller coaster features single cars so you can ride on your own as you zip around the many turns. You will be thrust into a forested area with beautiful views all around you. Experience the thrill of speed from start to finish. Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is great for all ages and even has a nighttime ride!

Gatlinburg Space Needle

Seattle is not the only city with its own Space Needle observation tower. That’s right, the Gatlinburg Space Needle is right here in the city and is a great outdoor observation tower to visit. Ride up to the top, where you will be 407 feet above the ground on an outdoor observation area. Visiting the Gatlinburg Space Needle is a great way to get a 360 view of the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

The views of Gatlinburg only get better the higher up you go. During your next visit, make sure to head over to Gatlinburg SkyLift Park for a truly adventurous time. The namesake of the park is the SkyLift, a gigantic ski lift that will take you over 1,000 feet up in elevation to an observation area. The views up here truly remarkable and can be considered one of the best places for a quick photo shoot. One of the more recent additions to SkyLift Park is the SkyBridge, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the country. This long bridge even features glass panels out in the middle of the bridge so you can look down right below you. Don’t let your fear of heights make you avoid this once in a lifetime opportunity found only at Gatlinburg SkyLift Park.

Ober Gatlinburg

Don’t forget to stop by one of Gatlinburg’s most popular attractions, Ober Gatlinburg. This outdoor amusement park is full of fun and excitement for the whole family. Ober Gatlinburg features a wide variety of activities that change with the season. Ride on the aerial tramway for incredible views. Go rock climbing on the rock climbing walls. Take on a round of O’Bears Mini Golf with the family. Ice bumper cars are a family friendly activity along with ice skating. The Alpine Slide is possible the most famous activity here at Ober Gatlinburg, as guests can race each other down a sled-like slide. There is no end to the fun right here at Ober Gatlinburg.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Of course, when you come visit Gatlinburg, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This vast national park offers up something for everyone to see and do during your stay. Relax with a picnic by the riverside. Go hiking or mountain biking down on the many trails that winds up and down the park. Many of these trails will take you by lush waterfalls that feed into the rivers. Fishing is always a relaxing time here at the park, especially if you book a fly fishing charter to show you around. Keep an eye out for the abundance of wildlife that call the park home including elk, turkeys, black bears, woodchucks, and many more; we recommend going wildlife viewing in the winter when all the trees have fallen making it easier to see!

Plenty of Outdoor Fun in Gatlinburg

There is no shortage to the amount of fun you can have here in Gatlinburg when you spend time outdoors. Make sure to plan for your stay by reserving one of our vacation rentals here in the area.

There are plenty of reasons why individuals travel from all over the world to reach Gatlinburg. Our vacation destination is home to the Smoky Mountains that provide us with a variety of outdoor activities. There is no more popular outdoor activity to enjoy in the area than hiking. Gatlinburg features miles upon miles of beautiful trails that will take you all over the area. Take a look at some of our favorite Gatlinburg hiking trails:

Ramsey Cascades

Some hikes are worth the effort to make it to the top of the trail and back. One of the most beautiful hikes in all of the Smoky Mountains can be found on the trail leading up to Ramsey Cascades. This is the highest waterfall that can be accessed inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the views are worth every step. The total length of the trail is approximately 4 miles, making it an 8-mile round trip. Overall, the trail finds an elevation gain of 2,000 feet, so expect a strenuous hike that is most appropriate for experienced hikers. As mentioned, the trail is well worth the effort and will have you passing by flowing rivers, beautiful hardwood forest, and eventually the Ramsey Cascades themselves. Do not pass up the opportunity to see this beauty for yourself!

Abrams Falls

Another popular trail inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that will take you by beautiful waterfalls is the path to Abrams Falls. This hike is a bit shorter, at only 5 miles in total for a round trip, and the elevation gain is minimal, making it perfect for moderate hiking. The trail itself will have you walking along the Cades Cove, where you can see rhododendron and pine and oak trees. Abrams Falls is only 20 feet tall when you find it, but the amount of water flowing from it is staggering. Make sure to take caution if you plan on taking a dip in the water, as the tides can be fierce.

Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Why settle on just one waterfall during a trek up a hiking trail when you can find two? That is exactly the point when you take on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, also found inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This trail features separate destinations depending on which end you go down. The side taking you to the Rainbow Falls will reward you with an 80-foot-tall waterfall that towers over everything around it. The other side will take you to the Trillium Gap Trail that will lead you to the 25-foot-high Grotto Falls that you can walk behind; don’t forget your camera phone, as you can take some incredible pics standing behind this waterfall! There is nothing better than having multiple options when you choose this nearby trail.

Laurel Falls Trail

Not all hiking trails need to be challenging to enjoy a rewarding view. When you are inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, look forward to the Laurel Falls Trail. This local trail is only 2.4 miles in length and has a minor elevation gain at 396 feet. Laurel Falls Trail is a paved path, so anyone can join you on the trek to the falls. This is the perfect place for a relaxing walk and is accessible all year long. Laurel Falls Trail is often crowded due to its easy nature, so plan ahead for an early morning or late evening hike when less people are out and about.

Charlies Bunion via Appalachian Trail

During the warmer summer months in Gatlinburg, you can explore the beautiful hills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by taking the Appalachian Trail. We all learned about the Appalachian Trail back in elementary school, and it can still be accessed right here. Specifically, the trek to Charlies Bunion will have you out on an all-day trek traversing over Mount Ambler, Mount Kephart, and Masa Knob. As you hike up and down the rolling hills, travel over 8 miles in total to and from the end of the trail. This hike is especially known for the beautiful wildflowers that grow just along the trail. Locals recommend sticking to the months of April through October as snow can be present on the trails during other parts of the year.

Book Your Stay in Gatlinburg

As you can see, there are plenty of incredible trails found in and around Gatlinburg that will give you plenty to see and do during your stay. Make the most out of your journey by reserving one of our rental cabins in the area. You will experience authentic cabin living with fine amenities right here in Gatlinburg!

If you need an excuse to escape home for an exciting summer getaway, look no further than the 4th of July holiday. This summer holiday is celebrated best when you plan a vacation to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains! Our community features various 4th of July  that help bring in the holiday with style. In addition to the festivities, you will also have all of the fun summer activities around the mountains. Take a look at how you can celebrate the Gatlinburg 4th of July 2021 here:

Gatlinburg 4th of July 2021 Fireworks Finale

There is no better way to celebrate the 4th of July each year than with a dazzling fireworks display. Gatlinburg will not disappoint with our stunning July 4th Fireworks Finale that takes place right here in downtown Gatlinburg. Each year the Southeast Tourism Society ranks this fireworks finale as a top 20 event. This year’s festivities will start at 10:00 PM for a spectacular show like no other. Fireworks will be shot off from the Space Needle, making them viewable from anywhere downtown; the city recommends hanging out around traffic lights #3 and #5 for the absolute best views downtown. The event is absolutely free to attend; it is recommended to head to downtown Gatlinburg early as the event is a popular draw for both locals and visitors alike.

Gatlinburg 4th of July Midnight Parade

Here in Gatlinburg, we do not start and end our 4th of July celebration with the fireworks display. Instead, we begin the festivities the night before at midnight for the annual 4th of July Midnight Parade. Each year the city sees over 80,000 spectators for this incredible display. Local businesses and volunteers created giant floats that honor the country’s veterans and military heroes. Everyone in Gatlinburg is looking forward to the Midnight Parade’s return as it was cancelled for 2020. The parade is scheduled to start at Baskins Creek Bypass over on East Parkway before turning south; the parade will continue on throughout downtown before ending at traffic light #10 near Ski Mountain Road. Prepare for a full day of fun and excitement here in Gatlinburg.

Pigeon Forge Patriot Fest 2021

Another event that is often sought out is the Patriot Fest taking place in Pigeon Forge. This patriotic event takes place on July 3rd and features a full day of exciting activities. The Patriot Fest is returning for 2021 and is pulling out all the stops. This year’s events are scheduled to start at 4:00 PM and are completely free to the public to attend. Local food vendors will be on hand at the start of the event cooking up some delicious food such as burgers and hot dogs. This year’s activities include a night full of live music from the Brad Hudson Band, Rumors (a Fleetwood Mac tribute band), and Clint Black, the event headliner. Live music starts at 5:30 and will continue up until the fireworks display starts at 9:45 PM. Guests are encouraged to bring any blankets or lawn chairs to remain comfortable throughout the event however coolers and umbrellas are not permitted. The Patriot Fest 2021 will take place at Patriot Park located at 186 Old Mill Ave in Pigeon Forge. Make sure to walk around the park to see flags from all of the 50 states along with the branches of our armed forces. The Patriot Missile, which was used during the Gulf War, is on display at the center of the park. Don’t miss out on this patriotic event just down the road in Pigeon Forge.

Summer Activities

Since you are visiting Gatlinburg during the summer season, you might as well hang around for some incredible activities. You will be right at the gate of the Smoky Mountains National Park that is full of beautiful forest scenery. There are plenty of hiking trails that will take you to popular places such as Tremont and Cades Cove. Hiking up the mountain is a great way to beat the heat too on the rare hot days of summer. You can always splash off with some white water rafting in the park as well. Dam releases occur multiple times throughout the week, allowing you plenty of opportunities to try out this popular activity. Relax in downtown Gatlinburg with the many local shops and restaurants. Head up the Space Needle for a panoramic view of the area. All of these activities and many more are available all summer long.

Gatlinburg Is the Place to Be

As you can see, the 4th of July is a great time in the summer to make your way to Gatlinburg. Reserve one of our exclusive vacation cabins in the area to keep you close to all of the exciting activities in the area and enjoy luxury amenities.

Whether you come to explore the vast wilderness of the Smoky Mountains or to simply take in the sights, a trip to Gatlinburg is definitely worth the effort this summer season. Gatlinburg offers a variety of incredible outdoor activities that will make your vacation one to remember. Navigating all of the offerings in and around Gatlinburg can be tricky if you have not visited before. Let the local professional tour services help you with in-depth and exciting tours. These are not typical, boring tours either; instead, they boast all kinds of thrills. Here are the top Gatlinburg tours to experience :

Smoky Mountain Adventures

Obviously, with the Smoky Mountains at your doorstep, you will be tempted to see all of the incredible wilderness and beauty behind it. A thrilling tour with Smoky Mountain Adventures is all you need to get out and explore the Smoky Mountains with a knowledgeable tour guide. Smoky Mountain Adventures involves more than just hiking around the woods; instead, you will be shown around the many trails on ATV or personal land vehicles. Book a kayak or white-water rafting trip that will have you navigating the many rivers. The options are nearly endless when you book with Smoky Mountain Adventures!

Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg

One unique factor about Gatlinburg is the richness of the history in the area. Gatlinburg has been around for centuries, and with that age comes plenty of ghost stories. You can book your own haunted tour right here in Gatlinburg during the summer with Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg. Their tour services take you around the city at night to explore local spots that are haunted. Your tour guide will provide a thorough and highly entertaining tour from start to finish. Learn all about the spooky details of the hauntings while keeping the tour friendly enough for kids. Your tour will eventually come to an end when you visit a 19th century cemetery. Bring the whole family along, as children 12 and under can join for free. Now that’s a scary deal!

Tennessee Mountain Tours

If you are interested in multiple tour options from a single location, look no further than Tennessee Mountain Tours. This nearby tour service features five different tour packages that will take you all over Gatlinburg and surrounding areas such as Pigeon Forge. Sights of the Smokies has you venturing off to some of the best parts of the Smoky Mountains National Forest, including an authentic train ride. Vittles and Views takes you to the best point of view areas around the area. The Cades Cove Tour takes you to one of the most exciting parts of the Smoky Mountains that features the most historic buildings in the area. Each of these unique Gatlinburg tours around the forest feature exciting and educational narration by the friendly tour guides.

If you want to keep things in town, they also offer dining and drink tours too. The VIP Shine & Dine is the perfect way to navigate the many distilleries in the area. You will not have to worry about driving as you are shuttled to three different distilleries in Gatlinburg. Free food and drinks are included with your tour! The Moonshine and Wine Tour takes you to up to eight different distilleries and wineries where you can tour the facilities, and of course, enjoy tastings. Now that is quite bit offered all from a single tour company!

Smoky Mountain Pink Jeep Tours

There is nothing more comfortable or fashionable when exploring the Smoky Mountains than a Pink Jeep. If you want one of the best inclusive experiences touring the area, look no further than Smoky Mountain Pink Jeep Tours. This local tour service offers exactly what you expect along with plenty extras. These Pink Jeeps comfortable hold up to seven individuals, allowing the whole family to go out for an outing in the Smoky Mountain National Forest. The tour services are offered at multiple times each day giving you plenty of flexibility. Multiple scenic routes that you can pick also make sure no two tours are ever the same. Tour guides and drivers will keep you informed about the park throughout your tour and help you keep an eye out for local wildlife. Ask to see the waterfalls or rivers and you will leave satisfied once your Pink Jeep tour is over. Do not pass up on this highly rated tour service when vacationing to Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg Tours are Waiting

As you can see, there are plenty of tour options waiting for you here in Gatlinburg. The summer season is just around the corner, and with it comes all of the thrills of the Smoky Mountains and other outdoor attractions. Rent one of our cabins today to be close to all of the action in Gatlinburg.

If you are looking for the perfect location for a luxury weekend getaway, look no further than Gatlinburg. This beautiful location offers wonderful views of the mountains and a variety of luxury activities. Take a look what kind of luxury weekend getaway experience you can have in Gatlinburg:

Luxury Rentals to Reserve

When you book one of our luxury rentals right here in Gatlinburg, you can expect plenty of ways to stay comfortable. Our rentals offer plenty of space for you to stretch out and relax. You can also expect to find spacious backyards that include patios and decks, gourmet kitchen setups, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and more. The kitchens come free modern appliances and everything you need to cook up a feast. You can also expect beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains right here in the backdrop.

Fine Dining in Gatlinburg

You can find incredible restaurants right here in Gatlinburg that offer fine dining experiences. There is nothing better than enjoying an exquisite meal at The Peddler Steakhouse. This luxury restaurant offers a casual spin on fine dining. You can expect to find premium cuts of steak that are cooked to order each time. The drink menu includes handcrafted cocktails and a lengthy list of wine. You can also stop in The Melting Pot for a fondue treat where you cook the food at your table. This popular restaurant offers multiple courses from starters to dessert.

Hit the Spa

End your luxury weekend getaway by hitting the spa right here in Gatlinburg. Local spas include Fox Place Salon and Spa and Relaxation Oasis Massage. These local spas offer everything you need for a relaxing stay including massages, skin treatments, and facials. You will feel completely refreshed and relaxed during each visit.

High-End Shopping

When you visit Gatlinburg, you can get all of your high-end shopping done by stopping in Marketplace Mall. This local mall offers high end shops with affordable prices such as Trunk of Man and The Jewelry Spot. There are plenty of spots to find the perfect gift to bring back home.

Get Ready for Gatlinburg

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a luxury getaway right here in Gatlinburg. Book one of our upscale rentals and enjoy a spectacular getaway to Gatlinburg. Contact us today!