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Top Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

It is no surprise that vacation rentals are blowing up right now. People are looking to upgrade their vacation experiences while gaining a sense of security and privacy that a resort or hotel simply cannot offer. The explosion of growth is great for those who own a vacation rental as more light is shined on this amazing industry, but this also means increased competition in the market. Here are some of the top ways to ensure that your Gatlinburg vacation rental doesn’t get left out of this growing market.

Proper Decor

Decor is an underrated and easy way to increase your vacation rental’s appeal. You don’t need to drop thousands of dollars to make your rental appealing, but we suggest subtle changes to fit a theme of your Gatlinburg investment property. If you are looking to create a Smoky Mountain retreat, add a few pieces that showcase the local charm without overwhelming guests. If you are looking for a more modern feel, reduce the clutter and update items like kitchens and baths to create a more luxurious feel. These small updates will make your rental pop.

Be Unique

New homes in large, planned communities are much like cookies: They are all patterned and designed to look appealing, but ultimately similar. When choosing a vacation rental to purchase, try to find something that will stand out. Whether that is unique architecture, a premium upgrade or even a unique view, something that helps the home stand out is always going to increase your value. If you’re looking for property management services for your FlipKey rental, make sure to check out our FlipKey property management in Gatlinburg!

Always Upgrade Your Gatlinburg Vacation Rental

The best vacation rentals are always updating to keep up with high volume and vacation desires. Make sure that you are repairing scuffed furniture, replacing worn linens, keeping towels fluffy and bright, and regularly do an inventory of kitchen items to ensure it is fully equipped. These small and relatively inexpensive upgrades will keep the curb appeal of your vacation rental top-notch that will ensure good reviews and repeat business.

Upgraded Technology

One of the top reasons that visitors will choose a vacation rental or move on are technology-based upgrades. Fast Wi-Fi, multiple flatscreen TVs, and full-service cable or satellite packages are just a few things that set vacation rentals apart and ensure a higher level of bookings. Keyless entry and smart devices are another way to showcase a technologically advanced home and even help to ease access and add security to your Gatlinburg investment property. Check out our property management if you want to turn your property into a success!

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