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VRBO Management in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is one of the unique places in the US that has something for everyone to enjoy. The summertime is warm without being unbearable, the fall has a beautiful change of colors, the winter is snowy but comfortable, and the spring is full of colorful flora. These fortunate seasons create one of the premier vacation destinations in the country. This makes Gatlinburg one of the best places to own a vacation rental. Kaizen Rentals can help you make the most of your investment with our Gatlinburg VRBO management!

Getting Started with Gatlinburg VRBO and Vacation Rental Investments

If you are looking to get started with an investment property, you may be a bit surprised at all that is required to make your vacation rental a successful venture. From designing the interior of the home to property cleaning and upkeep to making your home stand out, managing vacation rentals is a lot of work. However, this overwhelming experience can be made much easier with Kaizen Rentals. Kaizen takes all of the burden off of your plate with our VRBO management in Gatlinburg.

Kaizen Rentals is very experienced in maximizing investment property appeal to ensure that you make the most money possible. Kaizen Rentals is extremely familiar with VRBO style vacation rentals and manages many properties around Gatlinburg. From laying out the home to ensure function with comfort to choosing decor that is attractive to potential guests, Kaizen Rentals has the experience to make the most out of your VRBO Gatlinburg cabin.

Benefits of VRBO Style Vacation Rental

VRBO style vacation rentals have many benefits compared to other property investment opportunities. First, a VRBO style vacation rental is really a dual-purpose investment. Unlike many property investment opportunities, an owner is able to use their rental as a vacation destination while the home is not being rented. If you have a time of year that’s less busy or a special event you want to use the home for, you can reserve it for your own personal use. All you need to do with Kaizen Rentals is block out the days you want to use the home and then gain passive income on the days you aren’t using it. If you’re looking for property management services for your FlipKey rental, make sure to check out our FlipKey management in Gatlinburg!

Another amazing benefit with a VRBO Gatlinburg cabin is that it will generate higher income than long-term rentals in the same area. Daily rental rates are almost always higher with vacation rentals than long-term rentals based on the short-term nature of the reservation and upkeep costs included in the booking. Even with periods of vacancies, these rentals generally generate more income than a long-term rental.

With an VRBO style investment property, you can also write off expenses. If you are renting out a home for more than two weeks a year, it’s considered a business property rather than personal use. That means that you will have to pay taxes on the income that it brings in, but it also allows for additional tax write-offs. You can deduct almost any ordinary and necessary costs of doing business. This includes booking fees by management platforms, hosting fees, cleaning fees, supplies, insurance premiums, utility costs, mortgage interests, and more.

Finally, one of the best benefits to owning a VRBO style vacation rental is that you can use it as a part of your overall retirement. Many people purchase a home for VRBO type investment with the plan to retire there after generating income for years. This dual-purpose investment is perfect for those who are approaching retirement and want an extra layer of comfort that can potentially pay for itself. A VRBO is a perfect retirement option.

Kaizen Rentals Knows How to Manage Your VRBO Vacation Rental

Kaizen Rentals has years of experience marketing your VRBO vacation rental to ensure you get the most bookings and reservations. Kaizen Rentals uses a complex marketing approach to your VRBO vacation rental to ensure your VRBO gets the exposure to potential guest that it needs to succeed. Exposure is key to ensure that you have the most bookings throughout the year. From there Kaizen takes care of all of the little aspects that most don’t realize go along with vacation rental ownership. This process is very particular and business-oriented, but we want to instill that we still treat your home as if it were our own. The goal of Kaizen Rentals is to keep you informed at every step to create a transparent and trustworthy relationship between Kaizen and our VRBO owners. We want to ensure that you know we take one of your biggest investments seriously. One of the ways we do this is through the Monthly Owner Report. This is a report sent straight to you on your VRBO vacation style rental so that you are kept up to date on the status of your investment.

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