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Pigeon Forge Property Management

Idyllic landscapes, exciting attractions, and amazing vacation rentals make the Pigeon Forge one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. These qualities bring in an influx of tourism that is great for people who are thinking of getting into investment properties in the Pigeon Forge area. If you are in the process of looking for an investment property or are wanting to properly utilize a property that you already own, our Pigeon Forge property management service is the best way to maximize your profit potential and ensure consistent bookings throughout the year.

New to Vacation Rentals?

Many people are not aware of the exciting investment opportunity that a vacation rental provides. A vacation rental is a property that is rented out on a short-term basis much like a hotel or resort room. These amazing investment properties are booked at a much higher rate per night than long-term rentals and offer a much higher return on investment than many other investment options. These investment properties can be very rewarding, but also take a lot of work and expertise in order to make sure that they stay profitable. You can take on these challenges yourself or hire Kaizen Rentals to manage your vacation property and take the stress off of your plate and sit back and take in the profits.

Multi-Tiered Marketing Plan

Kaizen Rentals takes a multi-tiered marketing approach to getting the most out of your vacation rental. We take care of the inspections of your property, vetting of potential renters, and most of the forms and paperwork that go along with vacation rental ownership. Kaizen Rentals puts together a monthly owner report to ensure that you are kept in the loop. This includes rental and profit information, upkeep costs, and more to ensure that you are fully informed how your property is doing. We do everything in our power to take care of your investment. We consider our approach to be both effective and welcoming. We want to make sure you know we treat your vacation rental just like it was our own. This family approach, combined with years of knowledge in the subject matter, get you the most from your vacation rental in Pigeon Forge.

Making Your Pigeon Forge Rental Stand Out

Part of Kaizen Rentals multi-tiered marketing program is to make your vacation rental stand out from the rest. The more your vacation rental stands out on the market, the more bookings you will get throughout the year. Our goal is to make sure that your vacation rental is booked for the greatest number of days possible throughout the year. How we make your vacation rental stand out is through exposure and proper decor. This curb appeal component is extremely important when potential guests are searching for their perfect vacation rental. We take professional pictures of your vacation rental and ensure your decor pops. Along with the updated decor, we ensure that we list your vacation rental with all of the best aspects upfront. Premium upgrades typically set a vacation rental up for more booked days and the ability to charge a higher nightly rate. In combination with the multi-tiered marketing approach, we highlight the best aspects of your vacation rental and get you the bookings you need.

Benefits of Owning a Vacation Rental

Unlike investing in stocks or letting your money earn interest sitting in an account, Pigeon Forge property management and vacation rentals do more for your investment portfolio. We consider a vacation rental to do double duty for its owners. Since you own a vacation rental and control what days you utilize it for stay, you are able to black out days in your own home when you want to take a vacation. This built-in vacation option is amazing in Pigeon Forge since there are so many great things to do. You choose the booking dates to black out for your personal use and then Kaizen takes care of the rest. Along with the ability to use your vacation rental for personal use, your vacation rental allows you to convert the investment property to be an integral part of your retirement plan. Many vacation rental owners choose a home that is located in a city in which they want to retire. The home is then used as a vacation destination and investment property until they retire, and then it’s the home they live in. Depending on the situation and how profitable the vacation rental ends up being, some people choose to use it as passive income even after they retire. A vacation rental is a great investment opportunity that is useful for years to come!

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